Occupant / Saturation Mailing Lists

Need to target everyone in a specific area?  This is the most economical way to reach them! FNBR's occupant database has every mailable address in the U.S. This database is also known as a Carrier Route and Saturation list.

About the List:

Since an occupant list is every address, mailing to this database enables you to get the lowest postage possible.

An occupant list is ideal for restaurants, realtors, apartment complexes, and other businesses who want to reach everyone in a given location.


Common Selections

      • Residential Addresses Only
      • Business Addresses Only
      • Homes ¹
      • Apartments ¹
      • Trailers ¹
      • PO Boxes
      • City Routes
      • Rural Routes
      • Median Age of Entire Carrier Route
      • Median Income of Entire Carrier Route

      ¹ These classifications are made by the U.S. Postal Service. They are primarily based on the style of the address. If you are interested in these selections, please discuss the details with a sales rep prior to your order.

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