A new homeowner has so many needs and wants...

If your product or service is aimed at new homeowners, this is the list for you. We will help you reach new homeowners as they move in, while they establish their buying habits in their new neighborhood.

Why New Homeowners?

    • New homeowners spend 8 to 10 times more in the first 6 months than established residents!
    • Most new homeowners will be new to your area. Build a relationship with them while they have an immediate need, and build your future business with their repeat business and referrals.
    • New homeowners are eager for and will act upon incentives!
    • New homeowners will stay in their homes an average of 7 years! Best of all, they lack local buying habits. This means you have the ability to shape those habits while seizing the edge over your competitors!
    • New homeowners have above average incomes!


          • Geographic Location
          • County
          • City
          • Zip Code
          • Finances
          • Purchase Price
          • Loan Amount
          • Dates
          • Purchase/Loan Date
          • Transaction Date
          • All target demographics can be included or excluded.
          • You can even mix the criteria with detailed queries.

          Formats Available

          • Mailing Labels
          • Phone Lists
          • Email File Attachment
          • We will even suppress phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry.

          Available as a one-time list purchase, or an on-going subscription of fresh leads delivered on a regular basis.

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