We can help you with all classes and sizes of mail.

Advertising legend David Ogilvy used to say the difference between a great surgeon and a good surgeon has nothing to do with their hands. A great surgeon knows more than other surgeons.

When it comes to direct mail, nobody knows the postal regulations better than FNBR.  We will help you sort through the alphabet soup of postal terms, and help determine which class of mail best suits your project.

    Classes of Mail we Handle

    • First-Class Mail
    • Presorted First-Class Mail
    • Standard Mail (Bulk Rate)
    • Non-Profit Mail
    • Customized Market Mail (CMM)
    • Bound Printed Matter
    • Parcel Post
    • Priority Mail
    • We also offer Canadian postage discounts.

    Size and Shape of Mail

    With shape based mailing standards, determining the right postal size and category is crucial. Miss just one specification and it could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wasted postage.

    • Postcards
    • Letters
    • Flats
    • Machinable Parcel
    • Non-Machinable Parcel
    • Irregular Parcel
    • Customized Market Mail (CMM): Unique Shaped Mail Die-Cut to Your Design


    • FNBR has been certified as a Business Partner with the U.S. Postal Service.
    • Prior to this Business Partner designation, FNBR was classified as a Premier Account with the U.S. Postal Service, based partly on the sheer volume of mail presented to the post office.
    • We also maintain National Account status through our large national customer base.
    • FNBR is a proud member of the Tampa Postal Customer Council.

        Method of Postage

        • Stamp
        • Precancelled Live Stamp
        • Postage Meter
        • Permit Imprint (Indicia)

        Postage Discounts

        • Automation
        • Machinable
        • Non-Machinable
        • Enhanced Carrier Route (ECR)

        Destination Discounts

        • Bulk Mail Entry Unit (BMEU)
        • Sectional Center Facility (SCF)
        • Bulk Mail Center (BMC)
        • Auxilary Service Facility (ASF)
        • Destination Delivery Unit (DDU)

          What's Your Objective

          Knowing your objective helps us determine which class of mail is right for you.

          • Getting your mailpiece opened?
          • Getting your mailpiece read?
          • Speed of delivery?
          • The appearance of your mail?
          • Lowest possible postage rate?
          • Delivery tracking?

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