Shown below are the various forms needed to complete certain types of orders placed at FNBR.

If you have a question about any form, please don't hesitate to call us Toll Free at 888-988-8148. We will be glad to assist you.

FNBR Form: Output Consumer Phone Numbers (SAN)

Output Consumer Phone Numbers

You must complete this form so we know your Subscriber Account Number (SAN) and how to process the National Do Not Call Registry (DNCR) if you are ordering a mailing list with telephone numbers.

FNBR Form: How to Get a SAN

How to Register Your Company to Get a SAN

Need help getting a SAN (Subscriber Access Number) from the Federal Trade Commision's (FTC) website? Our Quick Reference Guide can help.

FNBR Form: NCOA Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF)

Move Update and NCOA File Processing

This form is required to process National Change of Address (NCOA) and Move Update files.


HIPAA & PHI Data Form

You must complete this form if you are in the health care field and will be providing data to FNBR.

FNBR Form: Output Business Fax Numbers

Output Business Fax Numbers

If you are purchasing business fax numbers, you must complete this authorization form.

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