HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) mailings require special handling.

FNBR will protect your HIPAA files and PHI data and mitigate any risk of compromised healthcare information by operating in a secured environment. We utilize administrative, physical, and technical safeguards to protect the confidentiality and integrity of PHI.

Our clients with protected health information trust us in fulfilling their database management services and direct-mail jobs. Here at FNBR, we rigorously protect all healthcare related information and follow a checklist throughout the fulfillment process.

    Physical Security

    • Secured building with monitored alarm system.
    • Servers, patch panels, routers and switches are located in a locked server room.
    • On-site data backups are stored in a digital combination steel plated safe.
    • Off-site data backups are stored in a bank's safety deposit box.

    Additional Security

    • All jobs containing PHI are flagged to be handled accordingly.
    • All jobs containing PHI include our two page HIPAA Job Checklist.
    • Job Checklist form enables review through audit trail.
    • All physical media containing PHI are stored in a secured environment.

    Digital Security

    • Server secured by hardware firewall.
    • Server and all user PC's protected with software that is updated daily to protect against malware such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, bots, zero-day threats and rootkits, as well as intrusion prevention.
    • Network connectivity through routers and managed switches (no hubs are used).
    • WiFi is not used at FNBR.
    • Password protected computer systems.
    • Log-in passwords are changed on a regular basis.
    • HIPAA regulated files are stored in a separate area with limited personnel access.
    • Files secured using PGP cryptography with 128-bit or better encryption.
    • Separate email account utilized for all PHI transmissions. If you are transmitting files with PHI via email, you must encrypt them on your end prior to transmission to FNBR.

    You may need the following form(s):

    HIPAA & PHI Data Form

    You must complete this form if you are in the health care field and will be providing data to FNBR.

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