Database Services

If you need help cleaning up or enhancing a marketing database, our database management services are for you.

A good database is well thought out. Our database management services (DBMS) are available a-la-carte or as part of a complete mailing.

Better and cleaner data lowers your direct mail costs and increases response.

    Database Hygiene

    "Pretty" addresses get opened while ugly ones get pitched. Let FNBR standardize and clean your databases.

    • Convert your fields to mixed upper and lower case
    • Add punctuation
    • Add gender and salutations (Mr., Mrs., Mr. & Mrs., Miss)

      Database Fields

      Let us take your non-traditional data (including raw text files), and put the contents in the correct fields. We can parse or combine fields as needed.

      • Convert non-fielded data into a true database
      • Convert "print image" files into a true database
      • Analyze data contents and determine the correct field placement
      • Combine Parsed Name Fields
      • Parse Combined Name Fields (split prefix, first name, middle name, last name and suffix into separate fields)
      • Parse Address Fields (split street number, pre directional, street name, street type, post directional, and unit number into separate fields)

      Database File Exchange

      We can import and export multiple file formats and media to your specifications.



      Also know as de-duping and suppression.  Let us merge your mailing list(s) with ours, suppress your customers, and more. We can merge/purge all your databases with several "matching" schemes.

      • Merge Multiple Databases
      • Merge Multiple File Formats
      • Merge Multiple Fields
      • Purge Duplicates
      • Purge "Do Not Mail" Suppression Files
      • Purge Intersecting Records
      • Assign Priority to Purged Records

      Postal Overlays

      Let us correct your old records. We can make your old databases current after we CASS and NCOA your files.

      • Correct Address Errors
      • Correct City Names
      • Correct Zip Codes
      • Correct or Add Zip+4
      • Correct or Add Carrier Routes
      • Correct or Add DPBC (Delivery Point Barcode)
      • Flag Records that are Missing or Have Incomplete Secondary Information (Unit #'s)
      • Find contacts who have moved with National Change of Address (NCOA) matching. FNBR offers instant NCOA updating with our real-time processing to make your database "Move Update" compliant.
      • Eliminate contacts who have moved and left no forwarding address.
      • Flag contacts who have Temporary Change of Address notices in place.  Unless you're mailing First Class (your piece will be forwarded) it's best to remove them from your mailing.

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