Consumer Demographics Available

FNBR offers the best value in consumer lists with hundreds of selections to help you pinpoint your ideal group of prospects. The following is a list of the demographic criteria FNBR offers on our "standard" consumer lists. We offer free list counts, fast processing and low minimums.

Need a list that is more specific, or don't see a criteria, call us! We will be glad to research the availability of the list that will be perfect for your particular selling situation.

Active Credit
Active Credit Source
Active Credit Tradelines
Activity Date
Address Type
Age - Adult Age
Age - Date of Birth (1st Person)
Age - Date of Birth (2nd Person)
Age - Head of Household
Age Range of 1st Adult
Age Range of 2nd Adult
Age Range of 3rd Adult
Age Range of 4th Adult
American Express Cardholder
Antique Buyer
Apparel Type
Art Buyer
Assessed Home Value
Auto (see Vehicle Selects)
Available Home Equity
Average Home Market Value
Bankcard Holder
Bankcard Issue Date
Bankruptcy - Filing Docket Date
Bankruptcy - Household
Bankruptcy - Individual
Boat - by Type of Propulsion
Broadband Connection
Business Owner
Business Owners at Home
Buying Activity - Catalogs
Buying Activity - Offline
Buying Activity - Online
Buying Activity - Purchases by Month
Buying Activity - Type
Carrier Route Type
Cellular User Model
Census - Average Number of Automobiles
Census - College Graduates
Census - Education Level
Census - Ethnicity
Census - Ethnicity by Percent
Census - Family Life Cycle Code
Census - Income Percentile
Census - Married
Census - Mean Years of Schooling
Census - Median Age of Householder
Census - Median HH Effective Buying Income
Census - Median HH Income
Census - Median Home Value
Census - Median Income
Census - Percent Blue Collar Employed
Census - Percent Divorced or Separated
Census - Percent HH with Children
Census - Percent Homeowner
Census - Percent Married
Census - Percent Mobile Homes
Census - Percent Motor Vehicle Ownership
Census - Percent Move-Ins 1990-2000
Census - Percent Single Family Dwelling
Census - Percent Structures Built in 1990-2000
Census - Percent White Collar Employed
Census - Single Households with Children
Child - Age
Child - Attending College Away From Home
Child - DOB of 1st Child
Child - DOB of 2nd Child
Child - DOB of 3rd Child
Child - DOB of 4th Child
Child - Gender of 1st Child
Child - Gender of 2nd Child
Child - Gender of 3rd Child
Child - Gender of 4th Child
Child - Present
Child - by Birth Month
Child - by Birth Year
Children - Number in Household
Children - Number of Children
Children - Number of Children age  0-1 yrs
Children - Number of Children age  2-3 yrs
Children - Number of Children age  4-5 yrs
Children - Number of Children age  6-11 yrs
Children - Number of Children age 12-14 yrs
Children - Number of Children age 15-18 yrs
Children - Presence of
Children - Probable Teen Driver
Claritas Income Producing Assets
Claritas Selection
Community Reinvestment Act Code
Computer Owner
Computing/Home Office
Concealed Hand Weapon
Consumer Prominence Indicator
Credit - Activity Last Posted Date
Credit - Average Balance for Mortgage Accounts
Credit - Average Number of Accounts Past Due
Credit - Average Number of Collections
Credit - Average Number of Revolving Accounts
Credit - Average Number of Revolving Accounts Past Due
Credit - Average Percent of Balance to Credit Limit
Credit - Average Total Balance for Active Accounts
Credit - Average Total Credit Limit for Active Accounts
Credit - Average Worst Current Rating
Credit - Presence of a Bankruptcy in the Zip+4 Area
Credit Card - Number of Trade Lines
Credit Card - Type
Credit Card Users
DSL/High Speed User
Date of Birth
Delinquent Tax Flag
Delinquent Tax Year
Digital Neighborhoods E-Involvement
Digital Neighborhoods Segment
Discover Cardholder
Dominant Vehicle Lifestyle Indicator
Donor - by Type
Donor Index
Dwelling Type
Dwelling Unit Size
Economic Stability Indicator
Education Level
Education Level - Census
Education Level - Highest Level in Household
Email Access
Email/Internet Prospect
Entry Level Date
Ethnicity - Cultural Coding
Ethnicity - Cultural Coding by Country of Origin
Ethnicity - Hispanic Country of Origin
Ethnicity - Language Preference Codes
Ethnicity - Race Codes
Ethnicity - Religion Codes
Ethnicity - by Surname
Expendable Income
Family Position Code
Financial - Charitable Giving Rank
Financial - Discretionary Income Index
Financial - Life Insurance
First Loan Amount
First Loan Date
First Loan Interest Rate Type
First Loan Lender Type
Generations in Household
Green Living
Head of Household Education
Head of Household Occupation
Heavy Transactor
Hispanic Assimilation Code
Hispanic Country of Origin
Home - Finished Square Feet
Home - Garage Present
Home - Lot Size
Home - Number of Bedrooms
Home - Number of Rooms
Home - Pool Type
Home - Pool Type Extended
Home - Presence of Swimming Pool
Home - Residential Property Type
Home - Year Built
Home Assessed Value
Home Equity - Available
Home Equity Estimate
Home Living Area Square Footage
Home Lot Size
Home Market Value
Home Market Value - Assessed
Home Mortgage Amount - First
Home Office Computers and Electronics
Home Ownership
Home Purchase Amount
Home Purchase Date
Home Sales Price
Home Size (sq. ft.)
Home Valuation Model
Home Value
Home Value - Census Median
Home Value - Market Range
Home Year Built
Homeowner Type
Household Income
Household Income Index
Household Occupation Code
Household Size
Household Status Indicator
Household Type Code (Family Composition)
Households Interested in Stocks/Bonds/Investing
Households with Cat
Households with Dog
Households with Grandparent
Households with Veteran
Hunting License Transaction Date
Hunting Products
Hunting and Fishing
Image College Graduate
Income - Census Income
Income - Census Median
Income - Prime Estimated Income
Income Producing Assets Cluster Code
Internet Connection Type
Internet Shopper
Investments - Active
Investments - Personal
Investor Model
Jewelry Buyer
Language Preference
Language Spoken in Household
Lendable Home Equity
Length of Residence
Life Event Cycles
Life Insurance Policy Owner
Lifestage Clusters
Lifestage Groups
Lifestyle - Apparel/Fashion/Beauty
Lifestyle - Arts/History/Science
Lifestyle - Books
Lifestyle - Books/Magazines/Music
Lifestyle - Charitable Donor
Lifestyle - Collectibles
Lifestyle - Cooking/Wine
Lifestyle - Crafts/Sewing
Lifestyle - Ethnic Products
Lifestyle - Fishing/Hunting Type
Lifestyle - Gambling/Games/Sweepstakes
Lifestyle - Health/Diet/Fitness
Lifestyle - Home Improvement/DTcor
Lifestyle - Motor Vehicles/Motorsports
Lifestyle - Outdoor Recreation
Lifestyle - Personal Finance/Self-Help
Lifestyle - Pets/Animals
Lifestyle - Photography
Lifestyle - Politics/Religion/News
Lifestyle - Purchase Behavior
Lifestyle - Sports
Lifestyle - Technology/Entertainment
Lifestyle - Travel
Likely Investor
Line of Travel
Loan Date
Loan to Value
Loans - Auto
Loans - Home Mortgage
Loans - Student
Lot Size (sq. ft.)
Mail Order Buyer
Mail Order Buyer Type
Mail Order Donor
Mail Order Responder
Mail Order Response Frequency
Makes Purchases Online
Marital Status
Market Decile
Marriage Date
Mastercard Cardholder
Median Home Value (Census)
Membership Clubs
Method of Payment - Cash
Method of Payment - Credit Card
Months Since Last Verified
Mortgage Amount
Mortgage Date
Mortgage Finance Type
Mortgage Loan Type
Musical Instruments
Net Worth
Nielsen County Size
Nielsen Ranking
Number of Adults in Household
Number of Children
Number of Credit Lines
Number of Generations
Number of Hunting Licenses
Number of Persons in Household
Number of Sources
Number of Units
Number of Vehicles
Occupation - Female
Occupation - Male
Occupation Code
Occupation Group
Online Purchase Indicator
P$ycle NE Indicator
Phone Available
Political Party Affiliation
Pool Present
Presence of All Terrain Vehicle
Presence of Bank Card
Presence of Boat
Presence of Camping/Touring Vehicles
Presence of Children
Presence of Elderly Parent
Presence of Personal Watercraft
Presence of Pool
Presence of Snowmobile
Prizm Lifestage Group
Prizm NE Zip+4
Prizm Selection
Prizm Social Group
Property - Estimated Residential Properties Owned
Property - Vacation Property Ownership Rank
Property Detail
Property Lender Type
Property Loan Amount
Property Loan-To-Value Range
Property Property Type
Property Purchase Amount
Property Real Estate Investor
Property Type
Property Year Built
Public Housing Code
Purchase Date
Purchase Month
RV Owner
Real Estate Investor Property Counts
Recreational Vehicles
Religion Codes
Religion Cultural Coding of Household
Religion of Household (by Surname)
Retail Card
Retail Style Type
SOHO Indicator - Household
SOHO Indicator - Individual
School Years Completed - SMACs
Seasonal Address
Second Loan Amount
Second Loan Date
Second Loan Interest Rate Type
Second Loan Lender Type
Single Parent
Small Office - Home Office
Sports and Leisure
Spouse Gender Code
State of Fishing License
State of Hunting License
Tax Rate Area
Tax Value
Telephone Number
Third Loan Amount
Third Loan Date
Third Loan Interest Rate Type
Third Loan Lender Type
Total Loan Range
Total Loans
Travel - Business
Travel - Vacation Type
Truck/Motorcycle/RV Owner
Trust Owned
Type of Boat
Type of Boat Hull Material
Type of Internet Connection
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Model
Vehicle Year
Veteran in Household
Visa Cardholder
Voter Indicator
Voter Party
Working Woman Indicator
Year Home Built
Years at Residence
Zip Level Income Index
Zip-4 Profit Potential Model

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